The Philip Wayre Upland Trust, formerly known as the Philip Wayre Wildlife Trust, was founded in 1994 by the well-known naturalist and conservationist Philip Wayre, also the founder of the Otter Trust which successfully completed the otter reintroduction programme in the rivers of eastern and central England.

Philip Wayre Upland Trust


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Black Grouse

About The Trust

The Philip Wayre Upland Trust is a conservation charity dedicated to protecting and restoring unique upland habitat and its endangered wildlife such as Black Grouse and Breeding Waders for the benefit of future generations. The trust was set up in 1994 by naturalist and conservationist Philip Wayre. His vision was to restore the upland landscape and its endangered species and to inspire the general public to protect and care for the unique uplands in the future, and to raise public awareness of the value of conservation by education and promotion of research and scientific study of the upland ecology.

Improving the diversity of the habitat, encouraging the wildlife and safeguarding the carbon store benefits the local population as well as being a knowledge resource for local schools and interested groups. Scientific groups also benefit from the Trust's activities with access to both sites, and to the Trusts own reports, to carry out studies relative to the improvement of upland areas and wildlife.

The Trust has five volunteer trustees and is fortunate to have dedicated wardens on both sites. Their knowledge and experience is invaluable. Both sites are isolated areas of moorland where access is not straightforward. However the Trust is keen for members of the public to learn about and enjoy the amazing variety of wildlife and habitat on Lintzgarth and Thornhope. To facilitate this the wardens can be contacted and guided visits arranged.

Philip Wayre

About Philip Wayre

Philip Wayre (1926-2014) was interested in wildlife from a boy when he would study rats under the joists at his prep school to watching and photographing the geese on the mudflats of East Anglia as soon as he was old enough to drive.

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