A gorgeous day, clear blue sky, no wind and all is calm. After about five days of bitterly cold weather and constant snow over the weekend, today is very welcome. The ground on the reserve is totally waterlogged with pools of water just sitting. I have walked up to the top field past the pond where the water is high. I stood and listened. There are birds singing in the trees in the wood and the sound of water running off the reserve, down the two streams which sound like waterfalls. The snow melting on the tops adds to the water running off. I heard a cock pheasant calling and a pair of partridge flew down the cleugh. The lapwings are back. We have seen another flock today. They come and go but they won’t settle until the weather picks up. As I came back down to the house there was a flock of goldfinch which flew into the trees next door. It’s lovely to see them.